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Stylish Entrance Shoe & Coat Storage

Hallways can be more than just a corridor that leads to other places. However, being typically narrow, they can often feel very dark and cluttered.

We’ll share some great tips about making the most of your hallway space and some stylish shoe and coat storage inspiration.

Natural Light

One of the best ways to prevent a hallway being dark and dingy is to allow as much natural light into the hallway space as possible. Consider installing glass panels in or around the front door and where possible, leave doors open to the rooms that lead off from the entrance hall – this helps to create the feeling of a larger space and allows more light into the hallway. Additionally, adding a mirror can be a great hall feature and will also reflect the light that is available.

Colour Scheme

Use light, neutral colours to keep the space bright – dark colours can make a space feel smaller than it really is and busy wallpaper patterns can feel overwhelming in long, narrow corridors. However, adding a bright colour to a small area such as one wall, or under the stairs can add a lot of personality to the room.


Again, light colours are better for keeping the space bright and open but you’ll also want to consider the functionality of the hall space – probably best to avoid a cream carpet if you have lots of muddy feet coming in and out! 

Light wooden floorboards or wood-effect laminates can work very well in hallway spaces because they’re light and easy to clean. Adding a rug can give the space some great character and also help to reduce noise.


Make sure you have enough storage for everything – coat hooks or a traditional coat stand and shelving for shoes. If you’re limited on space for hallway furniture and have room available under a staircase, consider opening the area up and converting it into a unique shoe and coat storage feature.

A mirror can be a great hall feature and will also reflect the light that's available to help brighten up a hallway space.

Shoe & Coat Storage
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Hallway Storage Units

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Under Stair Storage
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