Home Extensions

Extending a home is a great way to add extra space to your home without having to move but can seem a bit daunting when you first start looking into it!

Does your extension come under planning permission or permitted development?

What is permitted development?

Have you taken into consideration site access, shared drains, shared walls, insurance?

Will you need a new boiler? Do you need to move your electric box or gas meter? Who do you need to get involved to make sure these types of jobs are done properly?

What do you need to look out for when hiring builders and architects?

Do you know what type of extension will be the best for what you want to achieve with your home? There are lots of ways to extend a home – rear extension, double rear extension, side extension, double side extension, different types of loft conversions. A good architect will go through what you’re looking to achieve in the house and craft the minimum amount of extension required to achieve that goal – you don’t want to build just for the sake of building.

Many, many questions and factors to take into consideration

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Due to the many variables that exist, extension costs can vary considerably – especially when you start to add the function of the room – for example, are you installing a new kitchen or bathroom?

If you’re trying to estimate a price, a good place to start is to work out how big the extension will be. This is the main governing factor of the cost of an extension – typically if you worked out a square meter at £1500, that’s a good base price for basic quality build costs. Then you need to add your interior fit-out costs (appliances, units, windows, doors, flooring etc), professional costs (builders, architects, tradesmen), permission fees (planning permission/permitted development) and additional costs for if you have shared drains/walls or need specific environmental/ecological reports carried out on your property.

A single storey extension of 20 square metres of basic quality, will cost a minimum of £44,000 including most fees, but excluding interior fit-out costs.

To calculate the cost of your extension, Yoop Architects take a measured survey of your property, which captures all the information. Then we draw it all up in 3D and create sketches to show sometimes five or six options if it’s not entirely clear how you want to achieve your brief.

A lot of the times there are different ways of achieving your desired result and the more you work with the building, the cheaper, easier and faster your build will be. Once you’ve got a favorite scheme or a couple of favorite schemes, we have a phase called ‘Meet the Builders’. That’s when we can introduce you to a couple of builders, they visit the property and they give you a ballpark figure.


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