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Great Price Dining Table And Chairs

Choosing The Right Table

A well chosen dining table should meet the everyday requirements of the family, whilst complementing the design of the room.

Sometimes, these may differ slightly – for example, if you rarely eat at the dinner table or there’s only 2-3 people living at home, your first thought may be that you only need a small dining table. However, if the way the dining room’s been designed means that there’s a large space available, adding a small dining table may make the room look a bit sad and empty.

At the opposite end of this, it’s important to remember that you don’t just need space for the table and chairs – you’ll want to keep approximately 1 meter of clear space around the table so that people can easily sit at and leave the table.

If you’re short on space, consider choosing a round dining table – you won’t have as much table space but it’ll free up more space around the table than a rectangular design. Or you could use an extendable table but have a play with the mechanism; extending and retracting the table to make sure that it’s easy to do if you’re going to be using the feature regularly.

It’s also a good idea to think about what requirements the dining table needs to meet before you start shopping – if you have young children at home, do you need to avoid sharp corners? If the table is going to be used for homework/drawing on, avoid tables made with a soft wood. Also consider maintenance – it’s probably best to avoid a glass tabletop if you don’t want to be cleaning it regularly.

So, your key points to consider are:

  • How many people you need to seat
  • Room size
  • Table requirements – function/maintenance
  • Design/style

You may only need a small dining table, however, if the way the dining room’s been designed means that there’s a large space available, adding a small table may make the room look a bit sad and empty.

Great Price Dining Table And Chairs

Here are some of our favorites
*We independently select these products and are not affiliated with the companies

Small Dining Tables

2 Seat - Wooden

New Haven Drop Leaf Dining Set & 2 Chairs in Cream Fabric – £144.94

2 Seat - Modern

GLIVARP / BERNHARD Table & 2 Chairs – £397

2 Seat - Dark1

Argos Home Lido Glass Bar Table & 2 Black Chairs – £99.99

2 Seat - Round - Wooden

Moe Extendable Dining Set & 2 Chairs – £303.99

2 Seat - Round - Modern (1)

Tisha Dining Set & 2 Chairs – £159.99

2 Seat - Round - Dark

New Haven Oak Set with Round Drop Leaf Dining Table & 2 Black Faux Leather Chairs – £139.87

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Medium Dining Tables

4 Seat - Wooden1

Argos Home Raye Solid Wood Dining Table & 4 Chairs – £99.99

4 Seat - Modern

Scala Dining Table & 4 Jazz Grey Chairs
Julian Bowen – £399.97

4 Seat - Dark1

LERHAMN Table & 4 chairs – £196

4 Seat - Round

Round Extendable Dining Set & 4 Chairs
Rhode Island – £299.97

4 Seat - Round - Modern

Acodia Dining Set – £205.90

4 Seat - Round - Dark

Small Round Dining Table in Black & 4 Velvet Chairs
Rhode Island & Kaylee – £402.44

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Large Dining Tables

Seat 6 - Wooden

Corona Mexican Solid Pine Extendable Dining Table Set & 6 Dining Chair – £267.97

6 Seat - Modern

Raunds Dining Set & 6 Chairs – £369.99

Seat 6 - Rectangular1

Extendable Dining Table in Black High Gloss & 6 Slate Grey Chairs
Vivienne & New Haven – £397.62

6 Seat - Round

Argos Home Kentucky Solid Wood Extending Table & 6 Chairs – £469.99

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