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Filtered Water In The Kitchen

Do you buy bottled water?

We all know plastic is a problem – in 2017, a million plastic bottles were being bought around the world every minute and the number is predicted to jump another 20% by 2021.

Even if we’re recycling plastic bottles, only a small percent actually gets reused. Regardless of how we dispose of them, most plastic bottles produced end up in landfill or in the ocean.

The best way to prevent adding to the problem, is to not buy plastic bottles at all.

Fortunately, innovation in the kitchen means you don’t have to resort to drinking unfiltered water from the tap if you stop buying bottled water.

Filtered Water

Obviously, filtered water is nothing new – at some point we’ve probably all had a water filter jug in the home. Filtering the water is great for removing contamination, such as microplastics and pharmaceuticals which are often found in tap water and bottled water. However, if the filter cartridges are not changed regularly, they can become a breeding ground for microorganisms which then increases the amount of bacteria in the water.

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Water Filter Tap

A water filter tap (also referred to as 3-way kitchen taps or triflow kitchen taps) works in a similar way to a water filter jug but the water filter is built into the tap system so you can get filtered water straight from your tap!

The water filter cartridge or inline filters are usually fitted under the kitchen sink, so they’re out of sight and the cartridge won’t need to be replaced as frequently as water jug cartridges, reducing the ongoing maintenance and costs.

Almost all kitchen tap brands manufacture water filter taps, so there’s a great variety of designs to choose from. To begin with, it’s worth considering some key areas before looking for a design that meets your requirements.

Special Features

Some water filter taps, such as the Blue Home from GROHE offer filtered and chilled still, medium or sparkling water straight from the tap! The tap is connected to a smartphone app which will let you know when the filter or CO2 need replacing and you can also use the app to pour and monitor your water consumption.


Future proof your investment by choosing a water filter tap that is compatible with most types of under sink water filters.This is important in case you decide to switch to a different type of filter or the brand that you’re using becomes discontinued.

Filter Type

Generally, filter cartridges are designed to last anywhere between 3 to 6 months, however, some filter systems are designed to be replaced every 3 years or every 300,000 litres. You can also get cleanable filter cartridges which prolongs their shelf life but they still have a maximum filtering capacity beyond which they can no longer be used.

Two Or Three Levers?

Most water filter taps are lever operated – some have a separate lever for each supply (hot, cold and filtered water), while other taps have only two levers – one for the hot water supply and one dual acting lever for cold and filtered water.

3-way filter taps usually have separate, dedicated waterways to prevent filtered water mixing with unfiltered water to ensure outstanding purity. This makes it possible to have filtered water only when you actually need it, therefore saving you money on filter replacement costs.


This can appear to be a misleading label but it actually just refers to the inside of the tap. A metal-free tap means that an internal plastic coating is used to avoid contamination with metal and to maintain the high purity of your filtered water.


Many water filter taps are quick and easy to install and you can do it yourself but some may require a plumber – check the installation instructions

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Standard Water Filter Taps

Clearwater Stella Triple Lever Mono Kitchen Mixer and Cold Filtered Water Tap – Chrome – £214.99

BRITA waterbar WD 3030 – £299

Smart Home Water Filter Taps

GROHE Blue Home

GROHE Blue Home U-Spout – £2,407.45


Pure H2O Quatreau Collection

Quatreau Touch– £3332

Quatreau SmartTap– £2775

Alternative Water Filter Solutions

If you want the benefits of filtered water on tap, without actually replacing your kitchen tap, there are a couple of other options. You can install a faucet filter (although they’re quite unsightly) or you can fit an under sink water filter unit to your existing system to filter all the water on the cold side of your kitchen tap.

Faucet Filters

PUR Advanced Faucet Water Filter – $33.99

Complete Faucet Filtration System – $29.99

Under Sink Water Filter Units

Osmio EZFITPRO-200 Undersink Water Filter Kit – £99.95

iSpring RCC7 High Capacity Under Sink 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration System – $155.91

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