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For those that that do not know what Permitted Development is, see post, What is Permitted Development?

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Permitted Development for home owners is a great way of extending your home and giving people a certainty that its ok. They know what they can achieve under the rules of Permitted Development, we all have heard that Planning Permission is very difficult. So whats changed?

The Coalition Government expanded Permitted Development, 3m rear extension on semi detached went up to 6m and 4m rear extensions on detached properties went to 8m. This all finishes in May 2019, unless they make this a permanent change.

So why is Permitted Development Dead?

Councils are not big fans of Permitted Development. They like to control the development in their Borough. They do not like 6m and 8m rear extensions. So they are very strict on Permitted Development compliance. You need your three adjacent neighbours not to object for a start.

In 2019, most houses have had some modification. Typically a rear or side extension. When trying to use Permitted Development to get more, a new proposal may touch other existing extensions. All the extensions should therefore be compliant with Permitted Development. This is where most applications fail. A previous extensions makes it easy for the council to block issuing the Certificate of Lawfulness.

So is Permitted Development still useful at all?

Well yes. Its great in the Green Belt where any and all development is restricted. Loft conversions still benefit from Permitted Development as they are unlikely to touch or be affected by previous non roof extensions.

Our Advice? Where possible submit a Planning Application rather than a Permitted Development application. The advantage is that the council may allow you to tweak the design to make it acceptable during the 8 week period. Most if not all Councils do not permit a Permitted Development application to be altered.

Link to Planning Portal for Permitted Development Rules

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