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How To Add Colour Into Your Home

After spending more time than usual surrounded by the same four walls at home, are you ready for a change of scenery?

An easy way to achieve this (without investing in a dramatic home makeover!) is to use colour to inject some personality into your home. Plus, if you redecorate with a colour palette in mind (rather than matching everything to a specific colour), you can easily update the colour without needing to make drastic changes to the rest of your home.

Here we’re going to look at what colour schemes work well with different moods, room types/functionality, available space and how to use complementary/contrasting palettes to prevent the colour from being overwhelming.

Colour isn’t just something that we look at - the tone of a room can affect our mood and emotion.

First of all, consider the function of the room that you’d like to update and whether it needs brightening up or toning down. Is it a ‘higher energy’ area like a kitchen/work area/playroom or a ‘lower energy’ area like a lounge or dining room? Lighter, brighter tones are uplifting whilst darker, softer shades create a more relaxed atmosphere.

Uplifting Colour Schemes

Credit: Stacey Brandford

Relaxing Colour Schemes

Credit: Bjorn Wallander
Credit: Delorme Designs
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Colour can also have a big impact on our perception of space – too much colour can make a space feel smaller than it really is. Aim to use colour selectively to highlight certain features or use it alongside subtle shades to prevent the colour from being overwhelming.

Bold colours pair well with neutral shades

Credit: Anthony Masterson
Credit: Trent Bell

Contemporary bright colours pair well with white shades

Credit: Paul Costello

Pastels or dark, strong colours work well with grey shades

Credit: Bryan E. McCay

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Finally, colour isn’t just something that we look at – the tone of a room can affect our mood and emotion. Psychological reactions to colours depend on the individual but in general, the following image shows the feelings associated with each colour which might be worth taking into consideration if you’re not set on a particular colour scheme:


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