Contemporary life has changed. We are more often than not living in our kitchen areas. They are the heart of a home. Even owners of large detached homes are creating more informal Kitchen/ Dining / Living areas for real life with there family.

Adaption and extension of the home is a passion in this small island of ours. Live the way you and your family would like to live. Call for a free consultation of what can be achieved, from small to large properties, we chose the people not the size of the project. If you are “good people”, we would like to help.

Process 7 Steps to Success

1. Survey 

A measured survey to capture what you have, including the adjacent context of neighbours walls/ windows etc.

2. Scribbles 

Fast and fun hand drawings to explore what can be possible in your home. Great to test strong ideas you may have. Remember you are an expert in living in your home!. This is great for getting couples on the same page and seeing what the possibilities are. Its fun!

3. Consult – contractors/ estate agents/ other costs review

Armed with the scribbles, most chose two favourites. We then get you to take to a building expert, a builder for cost, time and how to do it. This is an early check on what you want with what your budget is. The builder can explain what is the key cost drivers, also this is a great way to meet a few good builders that can be booked in for 6months ahead. This is how good builders work. Thats why its hard to find a good builder. You need to think 6 months ahead.

4. Planning Approval 

Once we know what the scheme is and the budget is ok. We can submit for planning. This cost £172 planning fee and takes minimum 8 weeks. As a rule the further out of London you are the better the council will be.

Also pre application and permitted development can be discussed, also multiple applications.

Add £172 to your budget.

5. Building control 

Once you have planning approval, or we can do it while in for planning. A building control set is the compliance of approved documents. This is the rules covering thermal performance, keeping out damp, ventilation etc. Always best to do this before works starts on site. It can be done by the council or an approved independent inspector.

This fee should be in your budget, £1500

Approved Documents

6. Construction 

The construction documents are the classic plans and section and show the builder where everything goes and how its made up. Most builders just need key information.

The other part of the information is finishes, what is on the floor, walls, kitchen, bathrooms etc. This is a key homeowner function. So we help get this information down on paper so it can be costed. W like to think room by room, it becomes more manageable. This can also be done while in for planning. Also lighting and home automation needs consideration.

7. Appointment/Builder

Once we have all the information we can get prices from the nice builders you met earlier int the process. If you kept in touch even better. They should now be able to give you a price and also some attention because you have a relationship. They are choosing you as much as you are choosing them.

We recommend the JCT Householder contract. Is simple and short and gets things sorted.

Call for a chat

The above process avoids and minimises the classic problems people talk about. It puts you in charge of your project and also creates an inclusive process for your family. We undertake all the work on BIM which is 3D so you will be able to see what internal rooms and your house from the outside will look like. Again this mitigates changes when on site, and creates an enjoyment which comes from understanding and avoiding anxiety.

This process can help you and your family, do give us a call or email today for a chat about your project.

Gordon 07920426254, 02089546291  ge@yooparchitects.co.uk 


People lead busy lives, as such we can communicate in a number of informal ways to suit.

  • email
  • Phone
  • swapping drawings
  • meet in the office/ home

Project Management

We can discuss the approaches to project management. This has a number of options. At the lower end of the budget we suggest that the contractor and home owner undertake this function. For higher value projects there are options of a specialist project manager that can also be a cost consultant.

Our Aims

1. Deliver in good time 

We always aim to do things in good time for you.

2. Best advice on planning

There are grey areas in the planning process, we aim to explain risk.

3. Always be contactable email/ phone

If you need to talk or have things explained. We are ready to talk or email. What ever mix is best for you.

4. Fairness and good value

Your home is important to us and we always try to the best for you and your family.

Other costs for the project

  • Engineer
  • Building control
  • Build over agreements
  • Party wall awards