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Over the past couple of years, many of us have spent more time than ever inside our own homes. You certainly aren’t alone if this has left you dreaming of your ultimate renovation or completely redesigning your living space! As architects, we specialise in bringing space, light and beautiful design into buildings – but we also understand the knowledge and expertise that construction specialists, structural engineers, interior designers and other professionals bring to projects.

With this in mind, today we take a look at some of the ways that interior designers can help bring your ideas into reality.

Interior designers can work with clients from the very start of a building project, to provide a professional assessment and spatial planning advice. They can help you create a stunning and innovative scheme based on your unique requirements and budget. What’s more, they’ll not only bring their knowledge and expertise to the table, but crucially, a fresh pair of eyes to identify potential areas of improvement in your renovation and creative solutions you may not have thought of.

So, without further ado – what exactly does an interior designer do?

What does an Interior Designer do?

Interior designers are experts in harnessing what’s going on into your head and turning it into a beautiful, cohesive design that characterises your ideas and personality.

It’s important to note that interior designers are skilled at all phases of a renovation project, but you don’t necessarily need to hire them for each stage. You can just ask for initial advice, ask them to create some overall designs and leave the rest up to you. Alternatively, choosing to collaborate with a professional designer all the way means they can thoroughly identify your needs and desires, develop a budget, create a workable design and organise delivery and installation.

The relationship is really up to you, so it’s worthwhile discussing your ideal working methods upfront. However you decide to collaborate, here are some of the ways interior designers can add value to your project…

Save yourself time and money

One of the biggest advantages of hiring an interior designer is gaining access to their professional network of high-quality craftsmen and trustworthy contractors. Particularly in today’s market where most tradespeople seem to have their schedules booked out, acquiring availability and a reliable trade network places your project way ahead of the crowd. This can potentially save you months of waiting around – which of course saves money too!

Although hiring an interior designer will initially cost you an additional service fee, many clients actually report lower overall costs. Interior designers can help you to avoid costly mistakes in design stages, materials, furniture and style choices that will not only save upfront costs, but can also increase the value of your home.

A home for today – an investment for tomorrow

Interior designers can undoubtedly add a great deal to the aesthetics of your home extension or renovation project. Their ideas are often crafted with an eye towards practicality and offer smart ways to make the most out of your space. This can again increase the overall value of your property when the time comes to sell.

Adding aesthetic, ergonomic and ultimately monetary value to your home is one of the main reasons why clients turn to interior designers. You’re creating a quality living space that represents and accommodates you today, while also ensuring a growing investment for tomorrow.

Define your design style

One of the most exciting aspects of a renovation is the initial creative process and incorporating your own design style. With so many design options, materials, colours and styles out there, picking the right ones can sometimes feel overwhelming.

By asking an interior designer, you can work collaboratively to really pin down what you want from your project. A great designer will help you define a style that fits with your lifestyle and personality. After initial meetings and consultations, interior designers usually go away and create a range of achievable design options that are on budget and in tune with your style. This takes much of the time, stress and hassle out of the myriad early design decisions.

What do Interior Designers charge?

Now, there’s a general assumption that interior designers are exclusively for wealthy homeowners and best-saved for the leafy suburbs of London. This may have been true in the past but in today’s market, professional designers cater to projects of all types and sizes at some very affordable rates!

Powered by technological developments, online design companies such as My Bespoke Room and HomeByMe allow you to find inspiration and decorate your home using virtual 3D models from as low as £250 per room. Virtual interior designers are becoming more popular as clients are able to quickly visualise their ideas and create high-quality renders from the comfort of their laptops or even smartphones – saving time and money, yet still utilising studio-quality graphic design software.

Traditional interior design services via in-person consultations tend to be slightly more expensive (either charging an hourly rate or complete project fee). Despite this, you are likely to receive a more bespoke, tailored approach, gain access to a greater pool of resources (some of the benefits we’ve spoken about!), and have your own personal designer that will spot things a computer model can’t. Hiring an experienced interior designer is a smart decision (and the option we’d personally recommend!) especially if you’re investing a lot of time and money into a renovation that’s important to you.

Hopefully you’ve now got a better understanding of what exactly an interior designer does, and how they can be of real value to home renovations, complete new builds and extension projects. Used effectively, designers can add aesthetic and monetary value to your property as well as helping you define your design style and saving you time and effort in the long run.

Homeowners now have access to a huge range of online, agency and independent designers at surprisingly affordable rates.They work alongside architects and construction professionals to help you bring your creative vision into reality. We’ll take a look at some of the best local interior designers in subsequent blogs, so watch out for this!


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