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Where To Find An Office In My Home?

In an ideal world, we’d all have a spare room that can be converted into a home office or be able to create a purpose built extension but unfortunately that’s not always an option. In this post we’ll take a look at some creative design tricks and storage solutions that you could use to create an effective office area in your home if available space is limited.

First of all though, it’s worth considering the function of your rooms – it’s much better for your mental health to have a physical barrier between your work area and your ‘home’ life. This means avoiding setting up a permanent office area in your bedroom/lounge – places where you’d traditionally ‘get away’ from work and relax. If you can always see your work station, it’ll be a constant reminder of unfinished projects or tasks that you need to work on. 


Finding A Location

Here are some simple questions to ask yourself to help determine the best location for your office space:

  1. How much will this work space interfere with my home life – will I always be able to see my workstation or can I hide it away/put a physical barrier in place when the work day’s ‘done’?
  2. Can this space be set up to limit external noise, distractions and interruptions as much as possible?
  3. Is there enough natural/artificial light? (It might be worth installing circadian rhythm lighting if you’re going to be spending a lot of time under artificial lights)
  4. Will the view inspire and motivate me or be a distraction?


Once you’ve decided where would be the best location for your work space, the next step is to find an office setup that works with the existing design of the room.

It’s much better for your mental health to have a physical barrier between your work area and your ‘home’ life.

Small Space Office Solutions

Office Cupboard

An office cupboard is a piece of furniture with doors that is used to both store all your office equipment and use as a workstation. You can purchase a specifically designed ‘office cupboard’ or convert something like a wardrobe, large cabinet or secretary desk.

Office Cupboard - White
The Little Chef
Office Cupboard - Green
Office Cupboard - Blue
The Dormy House

The advantage of using office cupboards is that at the end of the day, you can simply shut the doors. The disadvantage is that they don’t usually offer much leg room but you could install a pull out keyboard tray to give yourself a more comfortable working area.

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Wall Mounted Unit

If a permanent fixture doesn’t work for you, maybe a fold down unit or a wall mounted desk will give you the workspace you need without impacting limited floor space.

Fold Down Desk

Fold Down Desk - White
Fold Down Desk

Wall Mounted Desk

Floating Desk
Wall Mounted Desk

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Unused Space

Another solution may be to consider whether there are any nooks and crannies or little awkward spaces in your home that you’re not using – perhaps some closet space or room under the stairs? They may seem a bit cramped and dingy at the moment but the right decor and lighting can completely change the feel of the space.

Office Nook
Better Homes & Gardens
Office Closet
Apartment Therapy
Office Under Stairs
The Nordroom
Office Under Stairs 2
Grillo Designs

Room Dividers

If it’s not possible to avoid setting up a workspace that will constantly be visible in an area of your home such as your bedroom/lounge then it’s worth investing in a simple room divider/privacy screen to separate your work area from your ‘home’ life.


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